Crystal Creek Redband Trout, Fishing Guide Trip

Agency & Klamath Lakes

Agency Lake and Upper Klamath Lake have a large population of native Redband Rainbow Trout that would appeal to any lake angler.

Early spring and fall can be exciting times to focus on these native fish. During this time the fish are packing on weight, either preparing for or ending a long winter.

There are many feeder streams such as Crystal Creek, Odessa Creek and Recreation Creek that these fish frequent from spring until fall. Believe me, it's a blast stalking wild mammoth fish in these crystal clear, spring fed waters.

Klamath River, Southern Oregon Fly Fishing Destination

Fishing & Flows

Since Southern Oregon is a fly angler's paradise, it's impossible to list every piece of water here.

Please contact us if you need any information on the many waters in or near the Klamath Basin.

We also update our experiences with the local fishing and river conditions on our Facebook and Instagram.

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